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A recent Qualtrics survey found that only 1% of clients are unhappy with their current financial advisor. So how do RIAs convince HNW clients to switch advisors?

Answer: With a unique HNW customer acquisition strategy. 

I specialize in...

Building sales and marketing funnels for Financial Advisors. My specialized approach to customer acquisition treats prospective HNW clients like businesses, not customers. This optimizes the lead gen process and maximizes CVR.

Leveraging B2B marketing tactics to engage HNW prospects, and once those prospects are mid-funnel, converting them via B2C sales techniques. My B2B-->B2C approach has yielded strong results for my RIA clientele!

I’ve created a FREE PDF GUIDE which outlines my methodology. Fill out the form below to receive this essential resource.

Click here to download PDF

If you like how this sounds, let’s take it a step further... 

I am offering Financial Advisors a FREE 30-min phone or Zoom consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your marketing and customer acquisition needs, and answer any questions you have. 

I’m excited to help you achieve your customer acquisition goals! 

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